About Us

PT. Technical South East Asia (TSEA) is a company with core cempetencies in the design & development, manufacturing & production and fabrication & assembly of electrical switch gear and control panels and auxiliary / ancillary related products and services. Based in Singapore and ISO9001 certified, TSEA is the sister compay of Technical ASIA PTE. LTD. a provider of gas compression and process refrigeration systems and solutions.

TSEA provides products and services to a diverse array of industrial and commercial related fields and industries for the archipelago of Indonesia, the South East Asian region in addition to selected European and South American countries and additionally the USA.

TSEA dedicates colleagues and associates within the organization with continuous theoretical and real-world training and development to produce individuals with high levels of competency, initiative and professionalism for long term contribution towards maintaining and sustaining the products the company makes, the services the company offers and the solutions the company is known for in the markets the company is recognized and well established in.

Our Mission

To become a flexible and avant garde organization if its kind in the field, markets and industry of standard and customizable switch gear and control panel design & development, manufacturing & production and fabrication & assembly for the unique applications plus mainstream and niche markets the company caters to.

Our Vision

To strive to be an organization that provides products and services with cutting edge, efficient, practical and competitive technologies, components and functional processes in order to maximize the company’s value proposition to customers and clients for the development and derivation of ultimately long-term satisfaction, reliability and performance.

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